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British technology to participate in the 17th Li Jia machinery

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Li Jia machinery after 16 years of accumulation, the scale of a single show from the start
Of the more than 100 booths, the development of today's more than 3,000, and successfully out of the heavy
Celebrate, in Wuhan and Chengdu are run the same name show.
Scale growth at the same time, pricing machinery exhibition to create a lot of the first: Li Jia
International Machinery Fair in 2014 through the UFI certification, which is the first in Chongqing
The exhibition industry association (UFI) certified exhibition project, is also China West
The only region through the UFI-certified mechanical exhibition; Li Ka Exhibition of the public
Division became the first in Chongqing by UFI audit through its membership of the private exhibition
Organizers, and so on.
The exhibition area includes:
◆ metal cutting machine categories: all types of CNC machine tools, machining centers, workers
Industrial robots and flexible manufacturing units; lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, drilling,
Boring machine, tooth machine, thread processing machine, cutting machine, special machine
Bed, the combination of machine tools, etc .; electric processing, laser processing, and other special processing machine tools.
◆ Forging machine categories: hydraulic machine, punching machine, shearing machine, folding
Bending machines, Bending, Bending Machine, the effect is efficiency-aircraft, air hammer, forging
Machine and other forging equipment.
◆ Tools folder categories: all kinds of tools, tools, fixtures, abrasive grinding
A variety of measuring tools, measuring instruments, measuring equipment, test
Testing equipment, coordinate measuring machine, testing machine, smooth machine and various types of testing
◆ CNC and automation categories:? CNC system (NC, CNC, DNC,
PLC), network technology, stepping system, servo drive system, digital display
Device; spindle, CNC turret, knife library, linear guide, rolling
Screw, centralized lubrication stations, chip removal devices, towline and other machine function
Parts, accessories, machine tools and machinery electrical control and frequency conversion equipment;
Pneumatic, sealing devices and cooling devices; transmission; lubricants and
Coolant and so on.
◆ mold and material categories: mold design and manufacturing technology, mold
With CAD / CAE / CAM professional systems, plastic mold and rubber mold, stamping
Mold, car cover mold, die casting mold and gravity casting mold, fast
Mold and rapid prototyping technology, mold standard parts, mold materials,
Accessories, graphite electrodes; die-casting machine, injection molding machine and mold manufacturing equipment.
◆ computer application technology (CAD / CAM / CAE / CAPP / PDM) category
◆ industrial containers, tool cabinets, warehousing, logistics equipment
◆ Robots and manipulators
◆ new machinery and equipment of other new technologies.
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