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Discussion on Installation and Commissioning of Electromechanical Equipment in Construction Machinery

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Mechanical and electrical equipment installation and construction can not be the end of the standard, the transfer of equipment
Test, test and commissioning, acceptance, etc., are mechanical and electrical equipment installation projects
Management of the important processes. Especially in the project will often be applied to many
Small mechanical and electrical equipment, despite the relatively small size, installation and commissioning is relatively simple, but the
Related components and the corresponding standard will be more; large-scale installation of mechanical and electrical equipment transfer
Trial is more involved in people, machines, materials, and so can the coordination of individual management management,
These are mechanical and electrical equipment for the installation and debugging has brought objective difficulties.
1, mechanical and electrical equipment in the installation of common technical problems
With the standardization of production equipment, the upgrading of the level of modernization, especially
Is the application of automation equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, commissioning process is also increasingly complex
Miscellaneous, professional division of refinement, equipment installation professional and gradually to the technology-intensive direction
Tilt, which for the mechanical and electrical equipment installation period caused considerable degree
Obstruction. This requires the electromechanical equipment installation schedule must be carefully considered
Time forecast of the project, taking into account the needs of project commissioning and technical debugging. through
Often, common mechanical and electrical installation problems include the following:
1) bolt connection problem. Bolt connection is the most basic mechanical and electrical installation equipment
, But improper operation If the connection is too tight, the bolt may be due to electromagnetic force and
Mechanical long-term role, the emergence of metal fatigue, so that induced shear, Lo
Tooth slip wire and other parts of the phenomenon of loose assembly, planted hidden accidents. Especially with
In the electrical engineering conduction current of the bolt connection, should grasp the bolt, screw
Mechanical effects of mother and electric effect of the treatment, to compact compaction, to avoid pressure
Contact does not cause contact resistance increases, which lead to heat - contact oxidation -
Resistance increases and a series of chain reaction, and finally lead to junction overheating, melting,
A short-circuit to ground, disconnect the accident.
2) vibration problems. Vibration problems usually include three reasons: ① pump, the main
If the bearing clearance is large, the rotor and the shell concentricity difference or rotor and stator
Friction and strong factors such as the impact caused. ② motor, its causes include the axis
Bearing large gap, the rotor imbalance or uneven air gap between the stator. ③ installation
Operation, process parameters such as deviation from the rated too many parameters, can easily lead to pump operation
Line stability imbalance, such as outlet valve flow control instability caused by vibration, etc.,
This requires that the equipment installation process be as close as possible to the rated parameters.
3) Over current problem. There are three possible reasons for this:
Pump bearing damage, equipment, internal foreign body; motor overload current setting is low,
Line resistance is high; process operation medium used as a result of high density or high viscosity
Beyond the design capacity of the pump.
4) electrical equipment problems. ① disconnector installation operation caused by improper,
The static contact contact pressure and contact area is insufficient, resulting in contact with electricity
Thermal oxidation, the resistance increases, the final contact caused by the accident ablation. ② off
The contact of the arc finger and the contact is incorrect, the insertion stroke and the contact pressure are the same
Period, closing speed can not meet the requirements, will make the contact overheating, arc time
Yanmin, leading to decomposition of insulating media, the pressure surge, triggering circuit breaker explosion
Therefore. ③ regulator device assembly error or assembly into the debris stuck institutions,
If not handled in a timely manner, there will be different degrees of security incidents. ④ Lord
Transformer insulation damage or breakdown. The main transformer hanging core and high-pressure pipe into the installation
Nuts and other debris, sealing device installation error will directly affect the main transformer
Insulation strength changes, most likely to cause partial insulation damage or breakdown, brewing
Into a vicious accident. ⑤ current transformer due to installation carelessly, so that a winding
Open circuit, will have a high over-voltage, endangering personal and equipment safety.
2, the installation and commissioning of staff management
More than mechanical and electrical equipment installed in the common technical problems sufficient to prove that the details
Is the key to determine the success of equipment installation commissioning, the first is to grasp the staff group
Weaving and technical training.
Large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment in the initial installation commissioning should be required to send the vendor
Technical personnel responsible for specific; small and medium-sized mechanical and electrical equipment design is relatively simple, and more
Number of equipment factory has been installed and debugged, but there are some technical precision, price
Expensive equipment shall be installed and commissioned by the factory technician. Purchase units in the
Responsible for the selection and debugging coordination group members, we should pay attention to the implementation of the following questions: First
Auxiliary installation personnel selection, the selected staff should be in line with the business skilled, flexible response,
Strong sense of responsibility and other basic quality requirements, the different medium and large machinery from the hydraulic,
Machinery and fitter, mechanic and other types of work in the selection of technical personnel as captain. two
Is to organize the training before installation and commissioning, in the selection of the basis of the operator
, The post division of labor and on-site technical training.
3, mechanical and electrical equipment installation process management
Mechanical and electrical equipment installation process usually consists of three aspects: preparation of the preparation of preparation
Plan, prepare, install.
1) before the formal installation, equipment installation personnel should be combined with past experience to be practical
Plan, electromechanical equipment installation site, equipment approach and organizational arrangements
Make careful planning, reasonable prediction of the installation process may encounter difficulties,
And put forward contingency plans.
2) Preparation before installation. Mainly to check the required materials, accessories and so on
Whether complete, whether the quality standards. Such as the location where the equipment is installed
Reasonable, whether the phenomenon of loose nut equipment.
3) Installation. Equipment installation process, to ensure personal safety is the first
To work, helmets, insulated handbags, anti-glare glasses to be fully equipped;
When the equipment parts and ancillary equipment for the appearance of quality inspection. Installation depends on
According to the proposed plan of division of labor and coordination, posts post responsibility. Complete the task, then the device
The integrity of security for the initial inspection.
4, mechanical and electrical equipment debugging
Mechanical and electrical equipment installed, follow-up work as soon as possible to make equipment investment
Into production. To achieve this goal, debugging is an inevitable process. full
Detailed equipment assembly inspection is the basis for successful completion of commissioning work
Before commissioning, the integrity, safety, and safety of the assembly of the equipment are again required
Installed conditions for inspection work. The contents of equipment debugging include: equipment
The use of performance, quality of work and whether the normal operation. During debugging,
The corresponding mechanical and technical personnel and support staff must be in place when the foot, in the debugging
The process to further familiar with the device operation essentials, the basic procedures and functions
Control Method.
Debugging process should be documented by the staff debugging the various steps, through
Over the equipment installation experience of the system summary, can be more objective to sum up the equipment
The basic operating state and characteristics. It may also be possible for future device operation
Now a variety of technical issues to solve the primary information provided for the equipment to upgrade
Making can also play a positive supporting role.
In the debugging process of the device, two basic principles must be followed:
"Five first five" principle, that is, after the first stand-alone; first after the remote control; first point
After the linkage; first load after load; first manually after the automatic. Second, "safety first
One "as the basic criteria.Personnel safety and equipment safety must be placed in the first test
Consider, can not rush into production or ignore the effect of the importance of safety debugging desalination.
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